Essential Oils for Focus

Essential Oils for Focus

In the modern world we’re all working harder than ever to achieve our goals. More than ever before we have to be on the ball and focused otherwise things slip through the cracks. We’ve all experienced these lapses in concentration that have left us playing catch up, and we have to avoid it at all costs.

The most common cause for lack of focus is fatigue and tiredness. Busy lifestyles, pressures and stresses all combine and feel like a heavy load on our backs. It can be difficult to even get out of bed some mornings.

There are the mainstream products to help get us through. Coffee is the most popular but there are also energy drinks or even caffeine tablets to keep us alert. These are temporary and unnatural chemicals which can do serious harm to our bodies. If we want to retain our focus and still have a healthy mind and body we have to look for some alternative products. That’s where natural essential oils come in.

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  • Frankincense focuses the mind
  • Helps those with ADD
  • Easy to use and transportable
  • Multi purpose
Best Essential Oils for Focus

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Biosource Naturals: Focus Essential Oil

Biosource Naturals have been producing holistic alternative remedies since 2006. They began in a small holistic health practice and are now international, helping promote healthy minds, bodies and souls across the world. They are meticulous with their sourcing, only using the highest quality extracts around. 

Biosource Naturals: Focus Essential Oil

They’ve built an infrastructure that allows them to explore a lot of options and source the best possible ingredients in their blends.

Biosource natural belief in promoting natural remedies to a whole range of health issues. They’ve developed a large number of different oils, and remedies to deal with a long list of problems, believing that every issue deserves an individual cure. They’ve established themselves as one of the big names in the industry and are being used by more people than ever before.

Focus Essential Oil Properties

The Focus essential oil was developed to help balance the body and mind, evening out the equation even in the most stressful situations. It’s specially developed to help banish emotions, clear any scattered thoughts and provide clear thoughtful attention. This allows you to stay focused to the task in hand with no distractions.The Focus Essential Oil is created with Frankincense, known for its ability to promote clarity in the user.

Other ingredients within the essential oil are:

  • Vetiver
  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Ginger Root
  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli Cablin
  • Nutmeg

Each of these have been specially selected and combined because they keep you grounded, both physically and emotionally. This calms the body and lets you focus acutely on the tasks in front of you. The blend gives a fairly uniquely sweet but spicy taste which can be fairly hit or miss, but wakes you up when you’re feeling drowsy.

The Focus Essential Oil can be used directly on the skin, around pulse points and underneath the nose for the best results. It should never be ingested.It’s available in a small 9ml tube with roll on application so it’s simple to use.

It’s small and portable so you can use it wherever you are, or on the move.

Focus Essential Oil Reviews

With Frankincense being one of the key extracts to help you focus it’s no wonder that people are so pleased with the essential oil.

“I Love this oil! It smells wonderful, and has become a partner for my ADD meds. I also have been putting a tiny bit on my son who is high functioning autistic, and his teacher has noticed an improvement in the quality of his school work.”

Often these essential oils are used to help those with ADD focus more, and it’s providing some really great results. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the natural alternative to prescription medication for adults and children.


  • Frankincense focuses the mind
  • Helps those with ADD
  • Easy to use and transportable
  • Multi purpose


  • Unique, sometimes sharp, scent

Piping Rock: Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil

Piping Rock was officially founded in 2011 but their expertise dates back to the 80s. The goal of the company is to create natural supplements, vitamins and essential oils that promote a healthy lifestyle, body and mind. Their focus is on innovation and they are constantly developing new products to tackle specific problems.

Piping Rock: Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil

Piping Rock also believe in good value. They have a wide range of products with specially selected ingredients. The extracts are blended by experts and then released around the world. They keep their prices affordable but don’t compromise on quality. With everything you need to promote a healthy lifestyle, Piping Rock have made themselves the one stop shop for all your essential oil needs.

Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil Properties

The Rosemary essential oil has been developed to motivate, energise and inspire the user. The essential oil focuses the mind, allowing for more coherent thought and deeper focus. This in turn leads to better memory, making it particularly useful to students.

As you may have guessed the primary ingredient is Rosemary. Rosemary has been traditionally used as an extract that promotes overall health since the Roman times and it’s uses are still varied. It has a distinctive scent of pine which is crisp and serves to wake the mind from it’s dormant state.

Rosemary is associated with mental alertness because it lets you focus acutely on what’s around you. Perfect if you’ve been on a specific task for a long time, or if you have to work late. Rosemary oil also works well when blended with other ingredients like lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint.

The Rosemary Essential Oil comes in a 15ml dropper bottle. This makes it small and easy to carry around everywhere you go, for use on the move. The dropper makes application simple and means you won’t waste a drop.The oil itself should be used in a diffuser and inhaled, or directly on the skin. Just like other essential oils it should never be ingested.

Rosemary 100% Pure Essential Oil Reviews

The Rosemary oil has a number of uses. It’s often just used for its distinctive scent and its rejuvenating properties are useful in blends. Ultimately people seem very pleased with the Piping Rock Rosemary Oil.

“I love Piping Rock oils. The Rosemary has a great smell and is very good quality.”

If you’re looking to focus your mind and power through some work or a tough day then the Rosemary oil could be for you. It’s got a number of great uses and Piping rocks have made it very affordable.


  • Effective at focusing the mind
  • Multi Purpose
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable


  • Lesser scent than more expensive brands

Now Foods: Grapefruit Essential Oil

Now foods are one of the most recognisable names in the natural foods industry. In fact they’ve been producing essential oils, natural foods and alternative remedies since the 60s, way before they had moved into the mainstream. The company is based on the desire to help people live happier and healthier lives, without having to pay ridiculous prices for it.

Now Foods: Grapefruit Essential Oil

Throughout their long history their core values have remained the same. They are committed to the customer and to creating products that bring benefit to your life. They’ve developed and manufactured natural alternatives and remedies for a number of different ailments and are always looking to create new products. They source their extracts and ingredients from around the world, searching and creating the perfect blends in their essential oils.

Now Foods have survived and thrived for so long by creating good, useful products which the user can put their trust in.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Properties

The grapefruit essential oil has been created to cheer up the user and give an uplifting feeling. In doing so it lightens the mind and allows for an increased focus. Useful not only as a focus aid but in purifying the body, the grapefruit essential oil is present in many blends, making it multi purpose for the user.

The primary ingredient within the essential oil is citrus. It’s extracted from fresh fruit peel and is 100% pure. The citrus provides you with sudden mental stimulation and makes you alert from your head to toes. The citrus can also be combined with other extracts like lavender to create other useful blends.

The grapefruit essential oil has a sweet citrus scent and should be taken through a diffuser, diluted in a bath or rubbed through the skin. It should never been swallowed or ingested or it could cause health issues.The grapefruit essential oil comes in a 30ml bottle with easy applicator. It’s easy to use anywhere and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Reviews

Reviews of this product are generally positive, people seem to really appreciated the varied applications of the product.

“I trust Now Foods when it comes to essential oils - affordable and pure. I have a lot of them including this one.”

The different uses of the product make it useful to a wide variety of people, but if you’re looking to get perked up then the citrus should do the trick. Just apply some to the back of your hand and breathe in for 5 seconds and you should immediately see the results. Overall users seems pleased with the products and with Now Foods’ ability to deliver.


  • Strong citrus scent
  • Gets rid of fatigue
  • Multiple uses
  • Affordable


  • Less strong than more expensive alternatives

Essential Oils for Focus

Essential oils are made from 100% natural ingredients which are found in plants. These extracts are normally combined into blends which are used to help with the health of our body and mind letting us get the most out of each day.

When it comes to focus and mental alertness there are a few key ingredients you should be on the lookout for. These on their own or in a blend can have a real positive impact on your mental outlook and help get you over the finish line.

  • Rosemary
  • Said to banish the fogginess from your mind, rosemary is widely believed to sharpen you up. Perfect if you didn’t get a great night’s sleep and need to be perked up.

  • Frankincense
  • Frankincense is the best extract for clarity of mind. If your thoughts often feel scattered then a frankincense essential oil/ essential oil blend can do wonders for your focus.

  • Peppermint
  • Peppermint is considered one of the most stimulating extracts. It’s scent is said to wake you up and invigorate your senses so you’re alert and ready to function properly.

    There are a number of extracts which are useful in promoting focus in your mind but looking for these extracts, or blends that contain them is a good place to start.

    The reason essential oils are becoming so popular is because their natural qualities can do the job of unnatural chemicals, without all the downsides. Caffeine is notoriously bad for your whole body when taken too much and limiting it should be a big priority.

    Whether it’s studying for finals, preparing for a big presentation or if you have a long drive you need to be alert and focused. We’ve found what we think are the best essential oils on the market that promote a focused mind. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

Choosing the right essential oil for focus

Focusing right til the end of a project is what makes the difference between success and failure. We all need a little boost now and again and these natural remedies all have qualities that make them an asset to your daily life.

There are contrasting scents and slightly different ingredients so try them out and see which works best for you. Always remember to look out for any side effects or irritation and consult a specialist if this occurs.

Essential Oils are becoming a vital part of many lifestyles. Focus your mind today and see the results in every aspect of your life.