What’s The Best Essential Oil For Back Pain?

Best Essential Oil For Back Pain

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  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Warming and Soothing
  • Eases the joints
  • Reduces inflammation
Best Essential Oil For Back Pain

I don’t think I’d ever get a feel for backaches – they make me feel like an old person! I mean, I know I’m old, but it doesn’t meant I have to feel like one.

It’s a mutual understanding that everyone wants to feel fresh and funky again! (Do youngsters say funky these days?) I’ve got the solution right here!

I might have stated that backaches are quite a common issue to everyone. In fact, you can even say everyone gets their fair share of back pains every here and again. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as it is.

Best Essential Oil For Back Pain List 2017

There are ways wherein you can relieve back pain – like getting the best essential oil for instance! Let’s start off with the first one.

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Now Foods Marjoram Oil – Best Essential Oil for Back Pain

Now-Foods-Marjoram-OilMarjoram Oil is commonly used for backaches, and other uses as well. The reason why it has become popular for treating back pains is because of its unique qualities. It’s known to be warming and soothing to the body.

Because of its makings, it can be used for a number of things. This works on muscle tensions or back pains. Also, you may use Marjoram Oil for asthma, nausea, fatigue, heartburn, and a lot more on the list.

Organic Facts made a statement that this particular oil can work as an Antiseptic, it’s an excellent solution for both internal and external injuries. It stops it from evolving into tetanus.


  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Warming and Soothing
  • Eases the joints
  • Reduces inflammation


  • May cause hypersensitivity


Overall, I’d say that it’s a good choice of oil as it comes along with other purposes as well. Although it may cause hypersensitivity, there’s a way to prevent that from happening.

You may test it out by applying a small portion of oil on your skin to check if there’s any negative side effect. And you may lessen its effect by collaborating it with milder carrier oils.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential OilA recommended product if you’re looking for something which can loosen tight muscles in a cinch. It’s an extremely helpful oil for treating fatigues and aching muscles.

This is perfect for swollen muscles as it can make them feel calm in just a few drops. This also functions as a mood enhancer or energizer to start off the day. Its qualities is able to improve mental alertness and vitality.

It’s because Basil works as a natural stimulant that gives a positive effect on the nervous system.


  • 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
  • Loosens Tight Muscles
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Natural Stimulant


  • The smell is kind of weak


I honestly believe that it’s a wonderful product – it does its job and more! I often use this to liven up my mood when I’m feeling kind of down. But I recently found out that it works wonderfully for backaches!

I’d give it a green flag, feel free to try it out. Although the smell is a bit too weak for my taste, it doesn’t break its promises, that’s for sure.

Plant Therapy Eucalyptus (Globulus) Essential Oil

Plant Therapy EucalyptusIt covers a wide area of treatment. It’s a pretty well-known oil, I must say. It has a variety of properties that’s able to treat wounds, respiratory problems, and mental exhaustion – to name a few.

Plant Therapy Eucalyptus is a well-established product that can ease muscle pain. Joint fatigue is something that this can easily find a solution for as it helps relieves stress and pain.

Its anti-inflammatory properties works wonderfully. Not to mention that it also has an analgesic characteristics. Lumbago, one of the ailments I’ve listed above, can be treated using Eucalyptus.


  • 100% Certified Pure
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic effect
  • Relieves aches and pains


  • It evaporates quickly


This oil is fairly popular, and its popularity isn’t just for the kicks – it actually works. It’s quite effective, and it does not only help in treating joint pains, but it works for asthma, too.

All in all, I have a good experience with it. The only down side to it is that it evaporates too quickly when I left it in the cold oil-warmer overnight. But it’s still worth it!

Plant Therapy Ginger Root CO2 Extract

It does a lot to your muscles, and I highly recommend it. It’s good for application on your sore joints, swelling muscles, or painful back muscles.You may use this to ease up your body if you’re tired from work – because who doesn’t get tired from work?

You may use this to ease up your body if you’re tired from work – because who doesn’t get tired from work?

Plant Therapy Ginger Root CO2 Extract


  • Relaxes your joints
  • Treats swelling muscles
  • 100% Certified Pure
  • Effective on back muscles


  • The dropper sometimes doesn’t work


I don’t have anything against it, really. But the fact that the oil is thicker than compared with the other ones I have, it causes problem with the built-in dropper. Aside from my concern, there’s nothing else wrong with it – a must buy!

Woolzies Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender – I think everyone loves it! This is popular for people who are under a lot of stress.

Also, if you’re experiencing fatigue, this is a good deal for you! Lavender has qualities that are both anti-inflammatory and analgesic that helps reduce backaches.

Woolzies Pure Lavender Essential Oil


  • Mood Enhancer
  • Refreshes and Rejuvenates
  • Reduces Stress
  • Great energizer


  • The initial scent might be too strong for some.


Lavender is great for putting me back to my senses as it has a calming and soothing effect. The scent is fantastic, but from what I’ve experienced, on the first night it was too strong. However, things got better after that. I don’t have any other bad comments on it.

Is Backache even worth looking at?

For some reason, people think that backaches aren’t a serious problem. Yeah, it isn’t. It’s not as life-threatening as cancer. But it’s still a serious a problem that everyone should take a look at.

People who have backaches usually the ones who are involved in sports, one would say. And while that’s true, there’s more to that.

Working on a desk job isn’t doing your back any favors. Most people slouch when on the PC – I’m guilty – and while basically everyone knows that it isn’t healthy, we still do it.

This has becoming so rampant than anyone would have thought. Here’s a not-so fun fact: Global Burden of Disease 2010 stated that low back pain is the primary cause of disability globally.

It’s also been alleged that this is the reason why people miss work. And an estimation of 80% of the population will experience backache – lucky are those who are part of the 20% who don’t experience backaches.

Another thing is that $50 billion each year is being spent by Americans just to fix the concern of backaches – just imagine all the fried chickens you could buy with $50 billion!

Before you say that backaches aren’t that important, the statistics do not lie. Backaches aren’t something you should overlook, if you want to live happily that is.

What’s the cause of backaches?

Not being responsible with your body, that’s what causes backaches. But I know that’s not what you want to hear. So here’s a more in-depth explanation:

If you’re someone who’s not in the medical field, one could just simply say that the back is being made by complicated structures of ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles. If you sprain any of those, that would be the cause of your back pain.

If you’re into outdoor sports, then you’re not careful with your movements, it’s most likely you’ll experience backaches. Also, if you get into accidents, that’s even worse.

But the thing about backaches is that, it doesn’t save people who aren’t doing sports from suffering back pains. Yeah, so might as well do sports since this is the case.

Because even doing things that require minimal movements could be the reason why you find it hard to sleep at night, or could be the reason why you’re taking a trip to the doctor’s office.

Let’s say you found a hundred bucks on the street, and you want to pick it up, even by that simple action, it could cause your back pain. And no, before you start saying anything, it’s not because of Karma.

Anyone would want to pick-up a hundred bucks, right? We’re all practical here – practically the best people ever because we’re giving it back to the owner! *cough*

There are other reasons though that could lead to backaches, they mean even more trouble if you have arthritis since you tend to have joint pain or joint disease.

If you have bad posture – better fix that back posture when browsing on Facebook – could trigger back pain, too. Also, being overweight or clinically obese complicates the condition as well.

And it doesn’t stop coming. It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with physically moving because psychological stress could cause you to suffer from backaches.

With all these possible reasons that could trigger backaches no wonder they’re so common. In some cases, they’re somewhat linked from diseases of internal organs. You may know some of these as blood clots and bone loss.

I’ve got some good news though, American Chiropractic Association stated that most cases of backaches aren’t the cause of severe conditions like inflammatory arthritis and infection.

It can be life-threatening.

Backaches can kill you. It has already happened to a number of people, and will continue to happen if ignored without proper medication. You better think twice if you’re experiencing back pains as these are not meant to be unnoticed.

You don’t have to worry though, these cases aren’t that common. But it happens, and when it does, it’s not something you’d want to tell your grandkids. It’s better safe than sorry.

Check out these cases wherein backaches can cause death:

Cancer and Tumors

Cancer is already a grave matter as it has taken away the lives of millions. And backaches may be one of those signals that there’s something wrong with your body. When cancer originates from the bones, it can spread to a wider area causing you back pains.

Movement or at rest, benign tumor that starts from your spinal cord may trigger to cause your backaches. This can also start from the vertebrae. The explanation is this, when it continues to enlarge, sensitive areas will be pressed resulting to pain.

Probing Ulcer

There might be a penetrating burning hole in your stomach just like how pancreatic juices are toxic to abdominal structures. You might experience pain coming from your back, abdomen, and chest when internal bleeding starts.

These stomach fillings, in time, will penetrate the abdominal cavity. That’s where it really gets messy as it will conduct severe damage to your system.

Inflammatory Bowel Infection

Inflammation is the major culprit here. When this happens, it is able to cause your bowel to puncture, the sensation will similar of experiencing ulcer. There are specific parts of the body on which will be affected.

Commonly, pain will be felt through abdomen, pelvis, or back. If you’re feeling out of the ordinary back pain, then it’s not just a normal case. Please do consult professionals the moment it occurs.

Aortic Aneurysm

Aging is part of life, but there are some things that don’t age well. The large artery, it grows old together with time, and eventually will weaken. The moment it does, its position balloons outward. And that where things get a complicated.

There are severe cases where the large aorta erupts, resulting death with only a matter of minutes. But it gives an initial warning first, and this usually starts from the back.

Be careful though, the vessel may only stretch slowly, so your backache wouldn’t be as intense as it would when it immediately ruptures. Also, keep in mind that it will also be intermittent.

To avoid the situation to get complicated, as early as now, get a checkup from your doctor.

Other Infections

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t notice its symptoms right away. Bacteria can cause trouble once it has reaches to various parts of your body. These structures may be your spinal cord, bones, and discs.

When bacteria penetrates your body, it will enter to your blood stream. From there, it may be the cause of a fatal infection of the blood called sepsis.

Unfortunately, back pain isn’t the only thing that you’ll be experiencing. You might experience nausea, sweating, and fever.

Also, if your kidney and lungs get affected, you’ll experience a pang of pain from your back. But these are usually dismissed as back strain.

Whatever you’re feeling though, it would be best for you to consult from an expert on the matter.

Pulmonary embolism

This happens if you feel a sudden extreme pain coming from your back together with difficulty breathing. This is how it happens, blood clots are formed from the legs, and inevitably cause swelling and uneasiness.

It gets complex once it starts to move upward to your body as your lungs and heart may be affected. This is when you start to feel pain from your back and chest.

This is a severe situation because the possibility of having a heart attack is there.


There are enzymes that lives in your body for better digestion. But there are instances wherein your pancreas gets inflamed, when this occurs, the enzymes will start to digest your own body – I’m not really comfortable with that thought.

You’ll experience the following symptoms when it does happen: nausea, loss of appetite, pain originating from your abdominal. And of course, it can also result to back pain.

As long as you don’t take alcohol for granted, or have gallstones, this may be prevented.

Knowing The Associated Conditions

Now, we’ve got the more severe cases down. I want to list down the common conditions that you’ll experience that’s associated with backaches.

Unlike what I’ve posted above, these below are more usual, and these are what you’ll most likely to encounter in your daily life.


You can call the normal low back pain as Lumbago. However, there are things I want to specify. Back pains are quite hard to catch-up as there could be a number of factors leading to cause it.

I’d like to focus on two important factors that help determine the result: Knowing the type of back pain and the distribution of the pain.

For the former, for us to identify it clearly, you need to take into account on what part does it usually takes place, when it happens, and the things that relieves the pain or worsens it.

As for the latter, you need to take into details on where the pain is, does it only hurt on your lower back or do you experience leg pains as well. Or are there other areas which are affected by the pain.

Lumbago may be acute or severe. But when it lasts for more than 3 months, then it is considered as chronic. These may be caused by tiny strains of the muscles.

Sciatica Nerve Pain

This is better defined when there’s a continuous pain that’s emitting from one side of your leg our buttocks. The symptoms may vary, it depends on the nerve that’s being affected.

Although it’s not severe as there are only rare cases of your spinal cord being involved, but the pain you have to endure isn’t something to laugh about.

This nerve is often classified to being the largest. Its branches usually start from the spine in the lower back. Later on, it is where it’s being linked to sciatic nerve once they have already been formed.

Pinched nerve

Here’s another cause of pain. But before we go into details, there’s something I’d want to make clear. You don’t experience pain because of the disc itself. But your nerve is being compromised due to the leakage coming from the inside.

Experts call this as radicular pain as this will eventually distribute to different areas of the body. Your low back will be affected going down to the leg.

Weak muscles

Muscles need to be maintained and conditioned for it to be in top shape, that’s why exercise is needed. It’s quite common for us to use our thighs, making our gluteals have regular training.

However, there are muscles that aren’t exposed to activities. And these muscles are found in our deep back muscles. If there’s no exercise that’s made for that muscle alone, it will become weak, resulting to back pains.

Also, when there are structures of the spine that have been reddened or injured, it will also trigger for low backaches.

Final Words: What’s The Best Essential Oil For Back Pain?

Backaches are a pain – it literally is – but I’m glad essential oils can save us from having to suffer. The oils above are definitely great for treating backaches and muscle pains, but since we’re talking about essential oils, find one that you fancy.

Its aroma, its brand, and its overall authenticity is something you should look into. The internet works in mysterious ways, so if you have things you want to clarify, please make a detailed research on it.

It’d be best for you to check out on their reviews to help you out with it. Also, as what you’ve already noticed, these oils have different uses as well. So it’d be a wise decision to make out the most of it.

Oils are always handy to have around just in case for emergencies, and I’m glad I brought it along with me during my travels. Honestly, backaches happen a lot. And working on a desk job, staying at home, doesn’t really help either.

So if you’re constantly visited by backaches, then it’d be recommended for you to purchase as soon as you can. For those who don’t experience it as often, it’s always good to carry it with you – times are unpredictable, after all.

You may use this video as your reference to help you on getting the best experience out of essential oils.