No Pain, With Gain: The Best Essential Oils For Muscle Pain for 2018

Best Essential Oils For Muscle Pain

“Hey, Bro. Do you even lift?” – Seriously, it’s the most annoying line I’ve ever heard.

We get it, you lift. You’ve got toned arms, defined shoulders, and great legs!

But too much training, often results in muscle pain sometimes. If you want an all-natural remedy to muscle pain, we’ve got the thing just for you – essential oils!

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Since this is the age of convenience and instant results, Sacred Life Essential Oils have formulated the Pain Essential Oil Blend Kit in an easy to apply roll on blend.

This blend has been pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil to ensure that it is safe for direct application on the skin.

This Muscle Essential Oil Blend is formulated to relieve the user soreness after an intense workout or physical activity.

Sacred Life

This product has undergone extensive testing on GC/MS, Microbial and Organoleptic to guarantee that each essential oil used in this process is 100% pure and free from any harmful additives such as chemical toxins.

Moreover, apart from the pain relief function of this brand, it can reduce swelling on your joints and muscles.

Pain relievers can cause a lot.

If you are looking for a more economical and natural solution to your aching muscles, 7 Jardins has formulated the Pain Relief Synergy Blend which is 100% pure, natural, non-toxic, unfiltered, and undiluted.

It is comprised of a unique blend of essential oils of wintergreen, camphor bark, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus.


These essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that can eliminate your discomfort to ease any of your muscle pain, which makes you more prepared to face the day.

The key to the effectiveness of this product is that it can easily go deep in the muscles of problematic areas to provide instant relief against the aches and pains that you feel in your muscles and joints.

In addition to this, it produces a cooling effect on the body that can help decrease inflammation and reduce the swelling caused by bruising, strains, and sprains.

For supreme efficiency, this product is ideally used for massages as it acts as a muscle aid to help wipe your sore muscles away after an intense workout session.

Another possible usage of this essential oil is adding a couple of drops into your tub to help loosen tight muscles and relieve your muscle aches.

While pain is inevitable, it should not be tolerated. The 100% pure and undiluted essential oil of Plant Therapy called the Rapid Relief Synergy can help relieve you from the muscle pain that you are feeling.

The perfect blend of essential oils can warm the affected area and increase blood circulation, which can provide immense relaxation of your muscle.

Plant Therapy

When you combine the Rapid Relief with carrier oils, you can massage the resulting mixture directly on your body.

An additional way to enjoy this blend is my adding it to lotions, liniments, and compresses to significantly reduce the pain that you are feeling by producing a heat sensation on the sore area that can allow superior relief.

Each essential oil serves a different purpose when it comes to relieving the muscle pain that one may feel. The peppermint essential oil provides a minty fragrance to this blend, while the clove bud numbs the aching nerve.

The black pepper works well with improving blood circulation and thyme essential oil can warm the affected area.

Stress can trigger muscle pain and the German chamomile and juniper berry will help in relaxing the body and relieve the person from anxiety and mental issues.

Finally, the laurel leaf, ginger root, and cinnamon have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are essential when it comes to providing relief to muscle pains.

For a natural pain relief, Shankara Muscle Relief Essential Oil has created a blend that is made with 11 different essential oils.

It is a natural pain management remedy that is comprised of deeply penetrating ingredients that is quickly absorbed by the skin, therefore providing immediate relief from all forms of muscle aches.

It is not only meant to cure basic muscle pains, but it can heal several kinds of joint, muscle, and nerve problems.

Shankara Muscle Relief Essential Oil

This essential oil blend is formulated to treat the cause of your pain, which provides a longer relief from the pain because it is not only meant to mask the pain.

It is also an effective arthritis pain solution and it can relieve chronic and acute issues with your lower back, knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, heel, facet, SI hip joint and other conditions.

Apart from pain relief, it is also beneficial for scar healing, detoxification and improved sleep.

If that is not enough, 100% of this company’s net profit is donated to a non-profit organization called the International Association for Human Values or IAHV that supports different humanitarian projects all over the world.

Choose Your Oil Right Here!

So what I’m doing here is that I’ve listed the oils which I think is best for treating muscle pain. Take note that I’ve used most of the oils here and have proven to be effective for muscle pain – along with other benefits, too.

You may read its properties, and what it’s able to do. They’re pretty fun to have.


Lavender is widely recognized as the universal essential oil because it is able to solve several of your health concerns with just one sniff. Do you have trouble sleeping? Put a few drops of lavender oil in your diffuser. If you are suffering from muscle pain, look no further as lavender essential oil can easily solve your problem. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of lavender essential can aid in relieving the body aches you experience from sore muscles. This essential oil can be added to your bath or massaged directly on the sore area.



Improved blood circulation is very important when it comes to muscle pain relief. If you are avoiding the urge to resort to pain relievers, the natural solution for your problem might be hiding in the form of a rosemary essential oil. Due to the high levels of analgesic found in rosemary, it can easily resolve muscle pains when applied topically and massaged on the affected body part.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Black Pepper

Black pepper might be well-known as the perfect partner to salt, but it also provides a solution for your aching muscles. The essential oil from black pepper is an effective pain reliever for arthritis and sore muscles.

In addition to this, it is highly warming and improves blood circulation, which is effective as pre-exercise pain prevention and stiffness reduction.



If the muscle pain that you feel is a result of over exhaustion from your physical activities, the way out of your problem might be the essential oil that comes from thyme herbs.

Thyme can aid in treating joint and muscle pain as it can warm the body. Another issue that can be resolved by thyme is arthritis, rheumatism, and high blood pressure as thyme has the capacity to increase blood circulation.



If stiff muscles are a common occurrence in your daily life, it is recommended that you massage the stiff area with a eucalyptus essential oil in a circular motion.

The minty fragrance of eucalyptus that is coupled with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties will help solve your muscle pain problems.



This sweet scented herb is an effective cure for muscle cramps and spasms as it can effectively cure pulled muscles. It also has a carminative property that is able to relax the muscle, which is the perfect solution to the constant aching muscles that you feel.

 This essential oil provides more of a preventive measure than a cure for your aching muscles.



Another pantry staple that can aid in muscle pain relief is ginger. Apart from the medicinal benefits of ginger, it is great for athletes who suffer from sports injuries as it can reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.

The warming and analgesic properties can decrease exercise induced muscle pain that is helpful in soothing painful joints and aching muscles.


Peppermint has been recognized as a natural pain reliever to Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, which can cause sore muscles.

This cool and calming essential oil produces a relaxing effect on the body, which can relieve the aches that you are experiencing. Tight muscles also prove to be no match for peppermint essential oil.



Muscle pain can be caused by stress, tension, and swelling. You can clear away all these reasons by taking a sniff of the cypress essential oil.

The antispasmodic quality of this essential oil eliminates muscle cramps and muscle pulls. It also stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammations that contribute to the severity of muscle pains.


What's Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain evades no one. No matter how athletic, young, or healthy a person is; you won’t be able to stay away from the pain that you are bound to feel once your muscles are pulled.

While muscle pain is often caused by tension and overuse of the muscles, there are other reasons why it occurs.

Old age is also often related to muscle pain, but stress, illnesses, and medication side effects can also cause severe muscle pain.

However, we can get that solved. When you’re suffering from muscle pain, you’re unable to perform your workout correctly. For the obvious reason that it hurts.

If you do get DOMS or muscle pain (Don’t worry, DOMS will be explained in the next subtopic) you’re more likely to skip your workouts, stopping your muscles from growing in return.

Since I’ve personally experienced muscle pain, I know that’s the reason why we dread “leg day” because we’re unable to walk properly.

Like, seriously. I’d sometimes resolve to crawl instead than having to climb the stairs – you know that, I know that.

But here’s the thing, every after my squats, I’d automatically find my trustworthy essential oil at home. For my taste, I usually use Rosemary for this – oils will be discussed in a bit.

You may read my personal experience with DOMS down below!

Why It Sucks?

Most people get this notion that just because their muscles are sore, it’s growing. Well, I don’t know who started the trend, but it’s not yet the time to flaunt that you bench-pressed 300 pounds just yet.

Although it is pretty impressive if you did.

You see, it’s not an assurance that just because you feel pain, you’re going to be shredded anytime soon. It is fine if you thought that way, because I used to believe in that as well.


I mean, who doesn’t get excited on their first day of workout after 8 months of binge-watching Netflix with a tub of ice-cream permanently glued to their side?

Just imagine, you’ve finally got yourself a new fitness program that you swore to yourself you’d do for the next 60 days because you’re going to marry Channing Tatum.

And you can’t marry Channing Tatum with your belly sticking out, right?

So you did the workout, you went all in, worked hard, and after all the hard work, you didn’t lose a single pound.

You got disappointed because you wholeheartedly followed the program for 1 day – and it didn’t work!

After a couple of days, you decided it was your fault for not being patient and did the program again, but you’re only able to do it twice a week.

So you thought to yourself – “At least it’s something.”

I’m guilty for all of this. But I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with this scenario all too well.

For those who did, there are instances where your muscle gets sore days after the workout. And most people would say that your workout is already working.

But it’s not your workout who’s doing that, but it’s our good pal DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

You’ll feel extreme muscle stiffness and pain when this happens, but this only occurs during the first part of your training cycle.

Now here’s the part where we need to be aware of, Body Recomposition has stated that people who rarely trains a certain body part, gets their painful dosage of DOMS frequently.

In comparison, people who do train regularly don’t experience DOMS as much and have reportedly gained more muscles.

It means, muscle pain or DOMS, isn’t completely linked to muscle growth. You can grow your muscles without it. In fact, if you do have it, it just means you’re doing your workouts wrong.

After Choosing Your Oil, Choose Your Method

Muscle Massage using Essential Oil Blends

The easiest and most effective way to use essential oils for muscle pain is by applying it directly on your body after a warm bath.

It is vital to use a mixture of the recommended essential oils in combination with carrier oils before applying it directly to your body.

While the results are not instantaneous, the pain will be reduced notably.


If the cause of the muscle pain is fatigue, it is recommended that you use essential oil that comes from rosemary, eucalyptus, cypress, or thyme.  If your goal is to relieve muscle cramps, you can opt to use geranium, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, black pepper, or ginger.

Finally, the recommended blend for over-exerted muscle that is caused by demanding physical activities, the most ideal oils to use are eucalyptus, ginger, and peppermint.

Preventive Essential Oil Blend

Once you know that you are going to exert a significant force on your muscles, you can immediately use a preventative essential oil blend to evade severe muscle pain.

The best oils to use as a preventive measure are rosemary, pine, grapefruit, or black pepper. You can use them as standalone oils or you can opt to use a mixture of the aforementioned oils.

It is important to rub the combination of the essential oil and carrier oil throughout your entire body.

Also, if your kidney and lungs get affected, you’ll experience a pang of pain from your back. But these are usually dismissed as back strain.

Essential Oil Bath

A bath can significantly reduce the aches caused by sore muscles and relieve the pain that a person can feel.

When the muscle pain is cause by inflammation, you should combine a few drops of the essential oil of your choice and a cup of Epsom salt and mix it thoroughly

When it has been stirred well, put the mixture into your tub and disperse the mixture well. Once this step is done, it is now time to enjoy a long bath while massaging your muscles.

Cold Compress with Essential Oil

If a certain body part is aching, you can try this simple trick as a relief. Use an ice bag and apply directly on the affected area.

If an ice bag is not available, wet a piece of cloth and wring out any excess water. Next, put a few drops of the recommended essential oil of your choice and freeze it.

Once the cloth is frozen, apply the cold cloth directly on the sore area.

Avoid Muscle Pain By Following These:


Rest and relaxation is the best solution to an aching muscle.

It is important that you should never overwork your muscles, which is why it is important to take a breather when you are suffering and experiencing constant muscle pains.

Stretch Before Exercise

Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is caused by the trauma felt by the muscles, especially when the person is unaccustomed exercise.

In order to avoid this condition, it is vital that you should warm up and stretch before exercising.

If you are new to an exercise or if you took a long break from exercising, you should begin with light movements before moving on to a hardcore workout.

Avoid Overexertion

When exercising, it is normal to feel pain, but extreme muscle soreness is not a common occurrence.

Exercise should be done lightly in order to maximize the results, but overexertion that is caused by intense workouts can result to severe muscle pain that can cause more damage to your body.

Take Vitamins

Severe muscle pain can be an indication of vitamin deficiency. Another preventive measure for muscle pain is taking vitamins.

The first vitamin supplement for muscle aches is Vitamin D, which is known to relieve muscle aches and weaknesses.

Another vitamin supplement needed to relieve muscle cramps is Magnesium because it is composed of the electrolytes that can cause the muscle to relax and contract.

Recovery Meal or Drink

In order for your muscles to easily recover after an intense workout, you must eat or drink a combination of protein and carbohydrates as this can aid in restoring your tired muscles and regaining the strength lost after an exercise.

In addition to this, proteins contain amino acid that is able to maximize protein synthesis that helps in rebuilding your strength, while carbohydrates can speed up your recovery as it can refuel the muscles.

While muscle pain is inescapable, the pain can be significantly reduced to a tolerable level by using essential oil.

There are several kinds of essential oil blend in the market today and if you are looking for the perfect muscle pain relief blend, you can click this link and look for the one that is suitable for your needs and budget.

Get Shredded!

If you follow everything that’s written here, you’ll do well against muscle pain. The only thing that’s annoying about it is that it prevents you from doing anything after workout.

Oils are effective, but a lifestyle change is even better. The measures to avoid are quite easy to follow.

It’s okay to experience muscle pain every here and now, what’s not okay is pushing yourself to your limit. Do your best when you’re working out, and don’t force your muscles to go beyond what they can.

Remember, they grow faster when taking in proper measures. Don’t worry, you’ll get your beach body ready soon enough!

You may check out this short video on muscle pain to get informed.